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Getting Through the Grind


This is T-6's Main Purpose

Occupational Stress Management Training

Organizational & Administrative Training


Families of the Fallen Retreat


Nationwide course offerings


All proceeds from these courses will assist a fellow First Responder in attending the “Getting Through the Grind” stress management course free of charge!

For these courses T-6 can come to you! We can do conferences, in house training, etc. 

Please contact us for hours of credit and dates.

-8 hour stress Management

   This is a condensed version of "Getting Through the Grind."

-Complex Investigations

       The Complex Investigation course provides instruction and case presentations on investigating complex cases such as homicides, sex crimes, internet crimes against children, white-collar crimes, and electronic communications.

-Retention and Recruiting

     As part of our organization development courses, Retention and Recruiting provides an in-depth evaluation into the evolution of police personas, facts and myths of characteristics associated with finding talented officers, issues with morale, evaluating and revamping FTO programs, and effective methods to examine your own agency.

-Promotional Process

     The Promotional Process course is an organizational development course designed to assist unions and administrations on developing fair and effective promotional systems. The instruction addresses flaws in previous and current promotional systems often used in First Responder organizations, provides proven methods for identifying talented leaders within our organizations, and ways to ensure organizational and employee needs are being met.

-Program and Policy Implementation and Evaluation

     The Program and Policy Implementation and Evaluation course is another course offered for unions, managers, administrators, and motivated rank/file officers with a focus on implementing positive change in their organizations. We provide a unique approach to addressing changes with a proved step-by-step process. The concept-to-practice model used was created by a law enforcement professional with a focus on introducing and evaluating programs and policies in First Responder organization. The course addresses many of the complex issues facing our organization and how to navigate those issues in order to create a positive impact.

Nationwide course offerings (continued)

-Law Enforcement Therapy Dog

     The use of therapy dogs in law enforcement was once a statement many would laugh at. Within the last decade, the use of therapy dogs in law enforcement has grown significantly. Recent studies now indicate the use of therapy dogs has increased disclosure rates in child victims, increased cognitive memory with victims who suffer from dementia, decreased stress for officers involved in traumatic events, and even used on suspects to obtain confessions. This course is designed and taught by Officer Jessie Holton, who was responsible for implementing the nation’s first law enforcement investigative therapy dog program in Brevard County, Florida. If you cannot travel to Florida for the program, we can bring it to you.

Advanced Patrol

 The Advanced Patrol course provides instruction on pro-active police methods, roadside interview techniques, search and seizure, initial victim interviews, and flipping informants.