Organizational Training

     In addition to training rank and file first responders, additional curriculum has been created to train first responder organizational leadership and administrators.  While a majority of the curriculum is the same as the initial course, the course for administration and leadership is designed to educate the participants on detecting negative stress behaviors in employees.  This curriculum includes: 1) Stress behavioral characteristics, 2) Individuals negative effects on the organization, 3) Pro-active implementations to reduce stress, and 4) Self-efficacy inducing programs.  The participants will be provided examples of how to detect and eliminate a major portion of the stress placed on officers, specifically in the Organizational and Occupational categories, as well as providing resources to assist in combating Individual and Societal categories as well.  Some of the areas covered focus on proper career advancement practices, distribution employee awards and recognition, and ad-hoc incentives.  By providing administrators and leadership with the knowledge and tactics used to reduce stress on the Occupational and Organizational categories, the culture of law enforcement will begin to change and be more adapt to handling the "Relevant" stressors.