Officer Jessie Holton

     Jessie Holton is a 13 year veteran law enforcement officer, having served 12 years in Brevard County, Florida and now works for the Bozeman Police Department in Montana where he lives with his wife and two children. As Holton began his law enforcement career the events of September 11th occurred causing him to put his career on hold and join the United States Marine Corps.  He served in the infantry  where he became a decorated combat Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Upon completing his military commitment, Holton returned to law enforcement and simultaneously began his academic career at the University of Central Florida.    
    As a law enforcement officer, he has served as a Dispatcher, Patrolman, Major Crimes Investigator, Crisis Negotiator, Veterans Community Liaison, Research Coordinator, Law Enforcement General & Firearms Instructor, and participated with several community task forces.  Holton has used his military, law enforcement, and academic experiences to create several innovate programs including the Nation's first law enforcement therapy dog K-9 team for interviewing child victims, forensic exams for strangulation survivors, crime scene manipulation, suicide prevention programs, and multiple law enforcement research working groups.    
    In addition to being a law enforcement officer, Holton is an organizational sociologist, where he utilizes his education and training to design course curriculums, evaluate best-practices, and implement innovative programs.  His work includes evaluating and restructuring hiring practices, field training programs, promotional processes, contract negotiations, and occupational/mental health.  Through his own personal experiences with being a combat Veteran and significant law enforcement career, he has concentrated his research to increasing awareness and quality of life for all those in first responder occupations.   In 2015, he designed and tested Holton's Concept-to-Practice Model® which has been used to introduce new approaches to law enforcement best-practices.  The model features a bottom-up approach to problem solving, focusing on rank-and-file employee needs while also ensuring administrative goals are met.  He has published in numerous research journals, invited-book chapters, and presented at both professional and academic conferences throughout the United States.   
    Holton holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Criminal Justice Administration, a Graduate Certificate in Police Leadership, and a Doctorate of Education in Organization Sociology, all from the University of Central Florida.