Social Worker Cory Holmes

     Cory Holmes is a five-year combat veteran that served honorably in the United States Army as an Airborne Infantryman. Holmes first began to pursue college shortly after finishing high school to become a local Paramedic Firefighter where he resided in the city of Titusville, Florida. After becoming a state certified EMT and before completion of fire school, Holmes decided to enlist in the United States Army. He served in the Infantry where he became a decorated combat veteran from fighting in the war in Afghanistan. Upon completing his military enlistment honorably, Holmes was medically discharged due to injuries sustained during combat operations overseas.
    Holmes returned to college and found his passion in social work. He began his academic career with completing an Associates in Arts Degree at Eastern Florida State College and transferred to the University of Central Florida, where he would finish his required education of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in social work at the university while also completing a certificate in Military Social Work focusing on 1) case management, 2) behavioral health services, 3) treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, including mental health counseling aimed at building psychological resilience, anxiety, depression, prevention techniques and suicide risk assessment, and 4) family therapy for strengthening veterans, law enforcement, and their families.   
    In addition, during his academic endeavors, Holmes was able to experience the specified roles as a social worker. He was able to successfully provide evaluations, preventative and observed therapeutic, restorative and personal care services for veterans during his internships that the university provided during his time as a student. He also conducted case management, assisted with assessment for treatment of substance abuse issues, and observed and conducted group facilitated therapy sessions with veterans.