Deputy Brian Regan (RET)

     Brian P. Regan is a 15-year retired veteran of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Born in Arkansas and raised in Titusville, Florida, he attended Astronaut High School and upon graduation in 1998, was accepted into the Eastern Florida State College’s Law Enforcement Academy. Working as a Purchasing Manager at a local hospital during the day and attending the police academy in the evening, Regan was able to excel and graduated atop of his 35-member Police Academy Class of 2000.  He was expeditiously hired by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in October of 2000 and began his decorated career helping the community that he had grown up in. 

     Regan worked as a Road Deputy for his first three years of service and then steadily made progress, advancing his career within the Agency. Regan held the following titles during his tenure; Field Training Officer, Corporal, General Crimes Agent, K-9 Deputy/Handler and Career Development Field Agent. He continued his advanced training in law enforcement by routinely attending accredited furthering education classes to ensure he was an asset to the Agency; Line Supervision, Stress Management Techniques, Homicide Investigations, Drug Investigations and Leadership 101 to list a few. During his esteemed 15-year career, he also received numerous associations and awards; to include 5 Precinct Deputy of the Month Awards, 2-time Agency-wide Deputy of the Month Awards, 2 Merit Bars, 4 Commendable Service Awards and the Medal of Valor in 2010. 

     Regan still lives in the same town he served and grew up in, with his wife of 18 years and son, age 12. He now enjoys homeschooling his son’s 6th grade education, a full-time college student determined to earn a degree in Psychology and continuing to find ways to help those first responders and the mental balance between career and personal life. As co-founder of T-6 Advanced Training and Career Development Group, Regan now has the remarkable opportunity to change for the better, the lives of first responders and their families while using his training, education and first-hand experiences.