Officer Michael Holberg (Ret)

     Mike Holberg is a medically retired police officer who now lives in Montana with his wife and 4 children. Holberg entered the police academy at age 18 in Seminole County, Florida, and upon graduation was hired by the Ocoee Police Department in August of 1999.  While at the Ocoee Police Department, Holberg started out in patrol and eventually became a Field Training Officer (FTO).  In 2002, he joined the Orlando Police Department where he assumed roles as a patrolman, FTO, and was a member of the Emergency Response Team. While on duty in 2007, Holberg was critically injured by a suspect whom he had initially responded to rescue from a sunken vehicle. The injuries he sustained and the diagnoses of PTSD rendered him "unfit for duty", forcing him to retire.  As a result of his injuries Holberg was awarded the State of Florida Purple Heart. During his time with the Orlando Police Department, he also earned several other Commendations, Unit Citations, and a Hurricane Service Award. During his career, Holberg attended multiple training courses including Field Training Officer, Hostage Negotiator, Investigative Interview, and Radar. 

     Due to his personal experiences, Holberg has an extensive background in managing PTSD, Substance Abuse issues, emotional withdraw, and collateral effects on family members.   He specializes in assisting others will locating many different types of therapy to trauma and stress related issues. Holberg is passionate about the current lack of care law enforcement officers receive and increasing awareness about the detrimental climate in which they have to work and live.   
    Serving as a police officer defined Holberg's life and it continues to do so.  Because of the psychical and psychological injuries sustained during the incident he will never be a police officer again but Holberg is finding a new mission in life helping served first responders with providing life and career saving stress management tactics.